Let the Season Begin!

Some of you may not have hung up your surfboards or longboards yet, but there’s no denying that winter is on it’s way. To me, that only means one thing: SNOWBOARDING!!!


Last Friday was my very first day back on the mountain for the 13/14 winter season. It was the Stubai Glacier opening weekend in Austria, and I set off with my friend Nadja and a girl she knows from Uni, Vanessa. I’ve only snowboarded with Nadja about three times, one of which she broke her wrist trying to teach me to hit a rail. And I’d never ridden with Vanessa before. It was super exciting to be shredding with a new crowd of girls, which just added even more to the stoke of getting back on the mountain. The cramped 3-hour car journey flew by, and we were greeted by a bluebird sky and a lot more snow than you can take for granted in October.

brahboys fireball

What we shared on that perfect day of riding made me fall in love with snowboarding all over again, the same way I do every year. And I want to describe it to you because I know that, in some way or the other, it’s what every other snowboarder or skier feels as well!

girls shred brahboys

None of us three girls is a huge fan of all-day piste cruising. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great way to warm up and explore the resort but it’s just not as versatile as off-piste riding or as challenging/motivating as a hardcore park session. But on an opening weekend, the park lifts are packed and suddenly your hard-earned boardslides and 180s feel kind of silly in the shadow of all the cork 7’s being thrown off the pro kickers. And, considering it’s October, it’s needless to say that the off-piste was rather off-putting. So we spent our day on the pistes after all, and it was AWESOME! We were speeding down the slopes non-stop, huge grins on our faces, glowing on the adrenaline that we had missed for so long. We practiced switch riding, spins over little lips on the side of the slope, ollies, butters, and just plain fooling around. We fed off each other’s energy and started the season with an absolute bang. Nadja got back on the rail she had broken her wrist on, Vanessa did some of her first spins, and I felt so much more connected to these two girls that I hadn’t really known that well before. I love the vibe and motivation that all-girls riding brings with it, and I am so ready for this upcoming season.

Have you been back on the mountain yet? What was your first day of the season like?